Surcharging Made Simple

Finally, a fully compliant surcharging platform! Pass on the high costs of credit card processing without raising prices or using a loophole that may land a business in hot water.

A.I. Powered to Maximize Savings and Compliance

Surcharging rules are extremely complex to implement, especially in retail or F&B. This is where the SurChoice platform does all of the heavy lifting to keep a merchant safe, while still maximizing savings.

Available through multiple channels

PCI compliant with P2PE tokenization

Live reporting in real-time

Auto compliance (see below)

No need to switch your current processor

SurChoice is built on the industry leading P2PE gateway that many merchant providers already have access to. If they cannot set you up with SurChoice, just let us know and we help you get setup with one.


On average, current merchants save about 60% on their fees and merchants who are new to accepting credit cards see an increase of about 20% for their gross sales.

0 %
Reduction in Fees
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Sales Increase

Mobile App, Invoicing, Smart Terminals, API & Gateway

We have had a high number of requests for the mobile app as phones and tablets are steadily replacing the card terminals in retail. Our first beta release is the iOS SurChoice mobile application, honoring us with the first application in the App Store that provides surcharging and full compliance with the card brands and local laws. Android coming soon!


Let SurChoice Handle the Compliance

Surcharging rules are complex. SurChoice handles each of the following

Required Notifications

Compliance requires that Visa, MasterCard and your processor are notified before you start surcharging. We handle this for you.

Auto Filtering of Debit

SurChoice automatically detects the card type BEFORE an authorization. Therefore only true auth amounts and no debits slip through the system.

Surcharge Capping

Per the rules, the surcharge must not exceed the average cost of your merchant acceptance fees, never to exceed 4%.

Auth Fee Itemization

SurChoice automatically submits additional information relating to the surcharge per the card brand’s auth and settlement requirements.


Surcharging is still not legal in a handful of states where surcharging is against state law. Our system uses GPS to limit unintended violations.

Signage & Verbal Cues

Compliant digital signage is provided to alert customers of the surcharge as well as verbal cues for the individual processing the transaction.


Naturally, there is a lot more frequently asked questions than we could fit onto our landing page. Click here to find more.

Surcharging is available in most states, with more expected to come on board. You can find more FAQ here.

We love the concept of cash discounting. However, in the eyes of the card brands and state laws, most of the cash discount programs available are not compliant and are at risk. Click here to learn more about the differences of cash discounting vs surcharging.