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Setup & Support

Very simple! Reach out to us and let us know that you would like for us to work with your current merchant provider. We will check with them to make sure they are fully compatible with our compliant platform. If for any reason they are not, we will certainly let you know and give you the option to setup with one of our providers. 


You can reach us by calling, emailing, texting or you  can download the application from the App Store and submit your setup information. We will reach out to finish the process.

If you receive this message it means we are still in the process of connecting your new SurChoice account to your merchant account. You will be notified by email as soon as login is ready.

SurChoice is a surcharging compliance platform. This depends on your processors funding schedule. Your funding time will be the same as your merchant account, depending on the auto batch time. This is usually 1-2 business days to reflect on your account.

No, we do not auto withdraw our monthly or usage fees. Our fees come from your credit card on file.

Very simple! You can reach out to us, or you can click “Billing” on the application settings page.

In order to meet compliance requirements, the surcharge passed through cannot be more than the cost of acceptance. To make sure that all card types are covered, there is a flat rate associated with your processing that will equal the exact amount of the surcharge. Example, if you charge $100, you get $100 deposited into your account. The total bill to the customer is $103.50. In this example, $3.5 goes to pay your merchant fees.

Only credit cards are allowed to be surcharged per compliance. Debit cards are not allowed to be surcharged at all. They are treated as cash. This means the cost of acceptance will not be passed onto the customer and will come out of the deposit. Example: $100 is charged to the customer, the balance of $96.62 will be deposited into your account. 

Debit cards can be PIN debit and or signature debit. This means that the customer can swipe the card without entering a PIN and can select credit. These fees are typically lower than credit cards but cannot be passed to the customer as it will violate compliance. SurChoice can automatically tell if it is a debit card or credit card, if it is debit, or if the card type cannot be determined, it will automatically waive the surcharge to keep you in compliance. 

Very simple! Pull up the transaction on your application and select the red “void / refund” button. Pressing this button will automatically refund the transaction, including the surcharge. Partial refunds are not allowed on SurChoice and the surcharge must be refunded per compliance. If you want to do a partial refund or a refund for a transaction older than 90 days, please log into your processor’s virtual terminal to process the refund.

You will find the ability to change the DBA information for receipts. If you are looking to change the DBA on customers credit card or banking statements, you will need to call your processor to have them change the DBA on their end.

You will be able to accept all major card types in the United States. However, some processors will not allow you to take American Express if you are surcharging due the wording of Amex’s surcharge requirements. It states that you can surcharge Amex cards as long as you surcharge all card brands and card types the exact same. Unfortunately, due to state laws and compliance with the other card brands, debit is not allowed to be surcharged. Therefore you may not be allowed to accept Amex and surcharge at the same time. We are working with Amex to see if we can change this for you.

On the login screen, you will see a password reset link. Enter your email address and click reset. You will receive an email within 5 minutes that has a verification code to make sure that you have access to the correct email address. Once verified the password can be changed.

Absolutely! You can send receipts through email or through text messages. Printer support is coming soon so you can offer paper receipts if you would prefer. However we encourage you try the digital route.

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