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Agent / ISO

SurChoice is a surcharge compliance toolset / platform that is designed provide agents and ISO’s higher margins, lower attrition while reducing liabilities. SurChoice puts the agent / ISO first. Therefore we customize our agent program to maximize your portfolio. We have programs from the one off referrals to full on white label opportunities.


SurChoice is the only known platform to have an approved mobile application that incorporates surcharge compliance features with ability to board on multiple processing networks. 

It is rather simple. Just reach out to us and let us know you would like to start offering SurChoice to your merchants. We will verify compatibility and open up a boarding form for you. 

Billing is handled separately from the merchant statement. Each MID has to have their own card on file for monthly and usage fees.

Yes, we do have some agents that prefer to handle it that way. Just simply call us and let us know that you would like to use your card rather than the merchant’s card and we are good to go. 

As of right now, you or the merchant need to reach out to us to let us know the account will no longer be used. If this is the case, there is no cancellation fees and we will have the account cancelled on the provided date. 


*Due to incurred costs to keep an account open, there will not be refunds for months where the account is not being utilized. 

Merchants receive frequent email summaries and have access to basic reporting. 

The agent can certainly help with the notification process, however this is typically handled by us at account setup.

Pricing is set at 3.5% as the surcharge, 3.38% as the flat discount for credit and a variable for debit. Custom rates can be selected on a case-by-case basis. Please reach out to support for a custom rate.

At this moment, we do not have a rev share requirement from the processor. However, we would certainly not turn down an offer if an Agent chooses to do so.

Support for the application / software (SurChoice) is provided by us. Support for the merchant processing is provided by the Agent or ISO’s support department. 

We can setup our end fairly quickly. We will need verification that the MID is setup properly and API credentials are valid. 


*Note: The card-brands typically require 30 days notice prior to surcharging. This is why doing the notification process sooner than later is advised. 

Yes! SurChoice will refer to an agent when a merchant-to-merchant referral occurs. The original agent will be the one to receive the referral. 


*Note: Due to the time sensitive nature of merchant-to-merchant referrals, a referred agent must be able assist the referral with an application within a reasonable period of time. If no response from the agent during a 4 hour window, an in-house referral will be made to a preferred agent to fulfill the request. 

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