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Our pricing is simple and designed to make it easy for our customers. It starts at only $29 per month for up to 100 transactions and then scales up from there.

You do not have to manage your plan, we will automatically upgrade / downgrade based on your actual usage for each month.

Surcharge Compliance

We use multiple systems, including verbal-cues to help keep a merchant compliant with the state and card brand surcharging rules.

BIN Pre-Authorizations

We check each card prior to prior to any authorization so that only one authorization is done and it is for the correct, compliant amount.

Streamlined Interface

We limited the user interface to only show, and to limit required steps per transaction. This streamlines each transaction for speed.

Mobile 1st Surcharging

Our initial release is for iOS (Android coming soon) devices. This allows for merchants to be up and running immediately from anywhere.

P2PE & Tokenization

Security is one of our biggest and yet, unknown features. All of our transactions do point-to-point encryption and full card tokenization.

Hosted Invoicing

(coming soon) Merchants will be able to send any payment request digitally over email or text message with full surcharge compliance.